Help (aka FAQ)

(Q) How can I post a job post on your website?

(A) Use our job post form. You will need register as well. Job posting will also require a valid and existing email address.

(Q) Do I have to pay to post my job on TechieJobs?

(A) Absolutely not! All regular job posts are FREE on our website. Got an open tech position at your company? Go ahead and Post you job fore free!

(Q) What type of job posts do you accept?

(A) The word "techie" in our domain name says it all! Our website is mostly dedicated to the jobs directly or indirectly related to technologies or tech companies. Job posts that we think are not a good fit to this rule may be rejected.

(Q) What are Featured jobs?

(A) Featured (aka Sponsored Jobs) are the first jobs the job seekers see in our search results. Featured Jobs are also highlighted in the search results to receive better visibility and views.

(Q) What happens with my expired job posts?

(A) Expired job posts will be eventually removed from our database. You have up to 30 days to re-publish an expired job post if you want to extend it.

(Q) Can I upload my resume on TechieJobs? Can recruiters find my resume?

(A) As a candidate you can upload up to 5 resumes! You can mark your resume as "public" and the recruiters will be able to find it if your resume matches their results queries.

(Q) I don't want to receive email job alerts anymore. How do I unsubscribe?

(A) Every job alert email contains a lik to unsubscribe from this job alert. Simply use that link to unsubscribe from your job alert. You will be instantly unsubscribed.

(Q) I registered as a candidate. Who does TechieJobs share my information with?

(A) We share your information with employers and recruiters who registered in our Website and have access to our resume database. Without your contest we do not share your information with third parties.

If you give us your consent, we may use your information to contact you about the products or services offered by our affiliates. However, we won't share your information with third parties.

In some cases we may share your information where legally required.

(Q) I did not receive email confirmation message to my inbox and my account is still pending. What do I do?

(A) Make sure you check JUNK/SPAM folder in your email client - sometimes the message may be there. If your email address isn't confirmed, you will see a notification message every time you log in. That message will display your email address that you specified when registered. Make sure that email address is correct. If it's not, then you will need to register again with the correct email address.

If the email is correct, you can click the "resend" link and we will resend the confirmation email. If you still do not receive email confirmation message, please contact us.

(Q) I cannot login because I forgot my password. Can you help me?

(A) If you forgot your password, please use password reset form to reset your password.

(Q) How do I delete my TechieJobs account?

(A) To delete your TechieJobs account, proceed to the account settings page. To delete your personal TechieJobs user profile, proceed to the user settings page.

(Q) I found a problem on your website (something's not working). Can you fix that?

(A) Absolutely! Unfortunately, nobody's perfect and sometimes bugs may popup. If you noticed that something's broken, please contact us via our contact form and we will send special programming forces to fix the problem.

Could not find answer to your question? Contact us.